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Getaway Car Sign

To pull off a memorable getaway, hitch this lacy sign to the back of your car.

Martha Stewart Weddings, Winter 2013

Tools and Materials

11-by-17-inch paper
Rustoleum specialty polyurethane spray, for stores
Lace appliques (we used ones from
Foam core
Scissors or straight-edge
Bogus paper,

  1. Download our clip-art calligraphy (in script or sans-serif), print onto 11-by- 17-inch paper, and carefully cut out the stencil.
  2. Arrange it and lace appliques on top of a piece of bogus paper -- which is similar to kraft or butcher paper -- cut to 30 inches. Spray with both layers with Rustoleum and let dry.
  3. Mount the bogus paper on foam core, tape monofilament to the back, and affix the sign to the car by shutting the strings in the trunk's hinges.

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