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Location Scout: Cavallo Point, Sausalito, California

Go west, young lovebirds, and exchange vows at this historic lodge with the Golden Gate Bridge as your backdrop.

A former army fort that now sits on national parkland, Cavallo Point offers plush rooms in revamped officers’ quarters and one-of-a-kind event spaces like a 1901 gymnasium turned stately ballroom with sky-high ceilings. then there’s the lawn; with such stellar views, you can skimp on decor and no one will notice. Flip the page for more ways to fill a wedding weekend here.

Where to Stay

Book a room at Cavallo Point, and urge your guests to do the same -- it’ll be like one big ol' sleepover.

Gifts and Favors

Find ideas for amazing favors, nifty bridal-party gifts, clever decorations, and more by scouring the website SFMade, a collection of awesome local companies.

Pre-Wedding Agenda

Build excitement for the main event by gathering friends and family together for a welcome meal of wood-fired, sourdough-crust pizza at nearby Bar Bocce. schedule it for the afternoon and, after several rousing rounds of bocce ball, you’ll find that heaven is sitting on the restaurant's bay-front patio with a house-made Fudgsicle in hand.

Guest Activities

Treat your attendants to a kayak trip with San Francisco Kayak & Adventures. You'll have your pick of itineraries, but our vote goes to the voyeuristic paddle through Sausalito’s colorful floating-home community.

Customize Your Reception

Give your guests a great time and a memorable takeaway by hiring The Laugh Box to create flip books at your wedding. They'll assemble a photo booth–style setup, shoot your loved ones for seven seconds acting goofy with signs and props, then turn the video into a keepsake right then and there.

Pass out individually wrapped, chocolate-covered gelato bites from Bacetti at the end of the night. it’s hard to say which is cooler: the graphic checkerboard packaging or the frozen treats inside.

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