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Fringed Bugle Favor How-To

Tools and Materials

Tissue paper in various colors
Silver origami paper
Fringe scissors
Metallic foil tape
Cone-shaped cello bags
Cream horn molds
Clear tape


  1. To create one favor, you’ll need four strips of 3-inch-wide tissue in these lengths: two 10-inch white tissue papers; one 8-inch colored tissue-paper strip; and one 5 1/2-inch origami paper. Cut the paper, then fringe all of them on one side, 2 inches deep.
  2. Seal a candy-filled cello bag with metallic foil tape and trim the excess at the top.
  3. Stack the strips from longest to shortest, place the bag on top so that its wide end rests above the layers, and roll the papers around the bag. Secure the fringed topper in place with a strip of metallic foil tape.
  4. Place the favor inside a cream horn mold, and ruffle the fringes with your fingers for a festive look.

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