Monogram Banner Clip Art

Ask your flower girls to carry this banner down the aisle before you, then display it at your reception.

Tools and Materials

Spray paint
3/4-inch dowel
2 finial and screw sets
Optional: ribbon


  1. Open our PDF file.
  2. Add your monogram in the center of the file using a program like Photoshop or Pixlr, or leave the space blank if you plan to have it calligraphed on later.
  3. If you want the file printed on canvas, send it to DPI. They'll also create a "hem" that makes it easier to hang.
  4. Create a hanger by spray-painting a wooden dowel and two finials the desired color. Once dry, drill a hole in each end of the dowel. Insert one of the finials using the attached screw.
  5. Slip the dowel end without a finial through the banner's hem, then screw in the other finial to keep the banner in place.

Optional: To hang it at your reception, tie a length of ribbon to both ends of the dowel.


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