Place Mat and Favor Box Clip Art

Decorating your tables is easy with these charming printed designs for place mats and favor box wrapping.

Choose from one of these four designs:
Faux Bois

Tools and Materials

11-by-17-inch white paper or card stock
Scissors or craft knife
1-by-3 3/4-inch box
Double-sided tape
1-by-10-inch ribbon
1 1/2-inch circle punch


  1. Download one of our patterns, and print onto card stock.
  2. Cut where indicated to make 2 pieces; the larger is the finished place mat. Wrap the smaller paper strip around a filled favor box, and secure underneath with the tape.
  3. Loop ribbon over the paper, and affix with tape. Download a motif, print, and punch out to make a seal; attach it to the ribbon with tape.


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