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Expert Advice from the Event Planners at Bash, Please

Martha Stewart Weddings, Spring 2012

Kelly Harris and Paige Appel

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Working with couples to create fun, highly personalized events that have a whimsical spin
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For all the brides who don't want a planner, what's your best argument for hiring one?

Paige Appel: Easy -- they know the ins and outs of contracts and have great relationships with vendors, which can lead to better deals.
Kelly Harris: And they take on all of the stress so you can focus on the creative details.

Speaking of creative details, what are some of the coolest new trends you've seen?
KH: People are bringing in ideas from other cultures, especially when it comes to the ceremony. One couple we worked with put a spin on the Indian "baraat," which is when the groom arrives at the wedding by horse. Instead, he rolled up in a rented antique Jaguar. The guests couldn't get enough! They were all waving flags and cheering.

How about for the reception?
KH: We worked with a couple who really enjoy tequila, so we passed around shots for the toast rather than Champagne. Little details that reflect a shared passion or interest can make a big impact.

What do you wish more people would do?
PA: Have parades! It's such a blast when a band leads everyone from the ceremony to the party. You can hand out tambourines and kazoos for guests to play -- it's a unique way to engage them and avoid a lull in energy.
KH: Ombre's another one. It's not necessarily a new trend, but it's also not going anywhere anytime soon. Set the tables with fabric runners, or give your bridesmaids shawls for the ceremony -- it'll make a great picture.

Anything you're tired of seeing?
KH: We're a little sick of that over-the-top rustic look. Weddings are starting to move in a more modern direction -- think clean lines, simple decor, and a lot less stuff. It'll be a nice change.

You're also known for floral design. What flowers are you loving right now?
PA: Ranunculus are so cheerful. Arranging them is also easy to DIY. Just paint glass bottles in variations of one color, fill them with a few stems, and place them on your tables.

What are the next destination hot spots?
PA: The South and the desert -- places like New Orleans, Atlanta, Memphis, and Texas.

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