Tissue Paper-Wrapped Wedding Favor

Use paper to give favors colorful details, then decorate with rubber stamps for one-of-a-kind wrapping. Twisted just so, these treats will stand up on their own.

Martha Stewart Weddings, June Summer 2005

Tissue-Paper Favor How-To


1. You'll need large, box-shaped candies, such as these Neopolitan coconut squares. Cut two sheets of 71/2-inch square tissue paper in contrasting colors. With brown ink and a rubber stamp in any design you like, decorate one corner of the lighter paper, as shown.

2. Lay with stamped side face down. Stack candies in the corner opposite stamped section. Fold paper against side and then bottom of candies, as if wrapping a gift box.

3. Roll candies up in the tissue, holding them carefully so they don't shift.

4. Twist top of tissue paper above candies to secure -- no tape is needed.

A trio of envelopes encloses sweets and serves as a place card.


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