Beribboned Escort Card Board

Before the meal, guide guests to their seats with the help of a beribboned bulletin board.

Wrap the perimeter of a piece of plywood in paper tape to cover its rough edges. Then, using ribbons and fabric strips in assorted colors and patterns, cut pieces long enough to stretch across the board and around to the back. Stretch each ribbon across the surface, stapling both ends to back of board.

To create seating cards, print a grosgrain pattern on 3-by-3-inch pieces of card stock (choose one to download below); then write or print each guest's name above the ribbon motif, and fold the card in half horizontally. Insert the back halves of the cards between ribbons and board.

Herringbone Ribbon Template
Ribbed Ribbon Template
Ruffled Ribbon Template
Thin Grosgrain Ribbon Template
Woven Ribbon Template


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