Wedding Favor Kits for Kids: Kaleidoscope Name Tags

Engage budding Picassos with just-their-size coloring books and chunky gemstone crayons that little fingers can easily grasp. Challenge them with foam puzzles that can be arranged into every letter of the alphabet, and capture their attention with mini kaleidoscopes.

Tools and Supplies

8 1/2-by-11-inch white or cream card stock (2 per sheet)
Craft knife
Metal ruler
Cutting surface
Double-stick tape

Kaleidoscope Name Tags How-To

  1. Open our PDF file.
  2. Replace the placeholder text with the names of child guests, and print the file.
  3. Use the craft knife and metal ruler to cut out each printed rectangle.
  4. Wrap each name tag around the middle of a kaleidoscope, and secure in the back with double-stick tape.


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