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Etched-Glass Dot Pillars

Evoke a winter wonderland with frosty glass pillars that encase warm, flickering candles. It's a project so simple, you can get it done on girls' night over a bottle of vino.

Tools and Supplies

Polka dot paper or graph paper (we used Paper Presentation polka-dot text paper,
Martha Stewart Crafts screw punch ( for stores)
Libbey cylinder vases (
Clear tape
Rust-Oleum Specialty Frosted Glass Aerosol Paint (

Etched-Glass Dot Pillars How-To

  1. Create a stencil by punching holes in the polka dot paper: Decide how close together you want the dots to be on the vases, and use the screw punch to punch through the paper at each dot where a hole should be. (For each table, we created multiple stencils with dots of varying closeness.)
  2. Wrap the stencil around a cylinder vase (or other glass vessel), and secure with tape. Mask off any part of the vase that is not covered by the stencil.
  3. Apply frosted-glass aerosol paint according to the can's instructions. Let dry completely, then apply a second coat. Once it is dry, carefully remove stencil.

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