Floral Crown How-To

Martha Stewart Weddings, Fall 2011

Tools and Supplies

  • Fresh daisies or chrysanthemums
  • Floral shears
  • 24-gauge green floral wire
  • Green floral tape
  • Red-and-white gingham ribbon

1. Snip blossoms off flowers (chrysanthemums are a bit hardier than daisies and will last longer), leaving about an inch of stem.

2. Cut a length of floral wire for the crown; it should be long enough to go around the flower girl's head, with about 4 inches for overlap.

3. Lay the stem of a bloom against the floral wire, and wrap the two together with floral tape. Add a second flower, positioning it so that its head covers the stem of the previous one. Repeat until all but the overlap areas of the wire are covered.

4. Form the wire into a circle, and twist the ends together. Add one more flower to mask the joint. Tie on a ribbon bow.


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