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Flower Girl's Paper Basket

Martha Stewart Weddings, 2004

A pouch folded from colorful paper is a pretty alternative to a traditional basket; add a ribbon handle and bow, and it's ready for the flower girl's important role. We used vellum, so any moisture on flower petals won't damage the basket. It's so easy, your young attendant might like to help you make it.

Basket How-To
You will need a 12-inch-square sheet of colored vellum, a hole punch, 1/2-inch-wide ribbon, and a hot-glue gun.

1. Fold paper in half diagonally to form a triangle. Place so that the triangle's longest side is at the bottom.

2. Fold right corner over as shown, creating a flap (the flap's top edge should be parallel to bottom of triangle).

3. Fold left corner over to form another flap, aligning its top edge with the top of the right flap.

4. Fold one layer of top section down. Secure with double-sided tape.

5. Turn basket over (this will be the basket's front). Fold other layer down. Tape.

6. Punch a small hole near the basket's top through all layers. Thread ribbon end through front hole, and knot inside; thread the other end through back hole, and knot.

7. Hot-glue a ribbon bow just below handle at front.

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