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Two-Minute Corsages

Martha Stewart Living, May 1999

Tuck a single blossom through a slit in a wide velvet ribbon to create an elegant wrist corsage for any special occasion. Use a sculptural blossom that looks good on its own, such as the cattleya, dendrobium, and cymbidium orchids pictured. Cut a length of velvet ribbon long enough to wrap around the wrist, leaving 3 to 4 inches to hang down at each end. Fold the ribbon in half, and make a slit in the center for the flower stem. Choose a large, healthy blossom, and cut its stem down to about 2 1/2 inches. Wrap the stem with floral tape to protect it and to keep it from slipping out of the slit after it's been inserted.

Comments (15)

  • Susu5162 17 Mar, 2011

    What a wonderful idea! I'm planning on making them for the ladies attending the bridal party lunch as a gift from their florist. I'm hoping the flower does not fall out since there is no mention of anything holding it in other then the florist tape.

  • indigoirony 14 Jan, 2011

    did anyone try this with a different ribbon other than velvet? Velvet's a bit out of place at my spring wedding.

  • tyraphaena529 22 Feb, 2010

    Very cute idea... Something you can get the younger kids in the family to help you with easily, to include them in the wedding prep and to keep them busy! And cheap too.

  • Larriann 11 May, 2008

    I'm also a florist and I think this is quite a nice corsage idea. My minimalist corsages and jewelery inspired corsages are quite popular. Lynalyn - please go take a few more workshops.

  • jfelthoven 9 May, 2008

    My 92 year old mom would absolutely love to receive this. Lynalyn and playsindirt sound very, very immature indeed.

  • lovingly 9 May, 2008

    What a lovely idea. Something I can do with my grand-daughter for her mother.

  • BCAROL 9 May, 2008

    to lynalyn and playsindirt, obviously we don't need your negative comments. Do or suggest something better, with instructions and me might think you have something valuable to say. I also like simplicity, not intimidation.

  • HIS 8 May, 2008

    playsindirt, go to your room until you can say you're sorry!

  • Jenndowns 8 May, 2008

    I think this is a great idea, especially for a child where a designer wrist corsage is just too big. It's simple, easy and elegant.

  • belovedofgd 8 May, 2008

    REally! Is that nastiness necessary, playsindirt?? just ignore things you don't like and do what our grandmothers used to say, " If you can't say something nice, say nothing and smile :)"
    It is a lovely, simple thing especially for a child to do.

  • playsindirt 8 May, 2008

    A $4.00 orchid from the grocery store would be better then this

  • rebecca_cook 8 May, 2008

    good heavens lynalyn! whats the point of a negative contribution? for those of us "stupid" people who aren't florists or designers, i think this is a lovely idea.

  • Pily 8 May, 2008

    I love this idea, i`ve did it for my wedding all my bridemaid`s worn one matching colors with their dresses they`ve looked beautiful!!!! it`s elegant and original.

  • mollie143 6 Mar, 2008

    I love this. I think I'll have my Children's church kids make it for their Mom for Mother's day.

  • lianashuhada 21 Nov, 2007

    i definitely have to do this..