Cymbidium Nosegays

Martha Stewart Weddings

Do nature one better: Turn the dainty blossoms of cymbidium orchids into big, dramatic blooms. The flowers come in festive colors -- and even stripes and dots. Use the arrangements as bridesmaid bouquets or give them to mothers instead of traditional corsages.

Nosegay How-To
You'll need 1 stem each of standard-size cymbidiums and miniature cymbidiums; each stem has 12 to 15 blooms.

1. Separate 1 mini bloom from its stem, and remove petals from standard-size blooms.

2. Wire together petals in pairs (you'll need 8 to 10 pairs per nosegay): Lay 1 petal on top of the other. Poke floral wire through the pair near bottom, bend wire, and twist.

3. Wrap wire with floral tape.

4. Give mini bloom a wire stem: Pass wire through its base, bend in half, twist, and wrap with tape. Gather 4 to 5 petal pairs around the mini bloom; tape. Add 4 to 5 more pairs; tape again. Repeat until bouquet is full. Cut stems to desired length. Wrap ribbon around wire stems to finish.


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