Fortune Bouquets

Let more ladies in on the fun of your bouquet toss with this clever cluster.

Martha Stewart Weddings, 2000

The traditional toss bouquet, when caught, tells one lucky receiver little more than that she will be the next to wed. But this distinctive toss bouquet is made up of a cluster of smaller bouquets, each bearing its own secret fortune that offers more detailed information about future husbands to a few agile guests. And for the bride, they form a lush bouquet of blossoms.

Fortune Bouquets How-To

Separate flowers into small bouquets; you can use one variety or combine several (we used roses, calla lilies, and ranunculuses). Wrap the stems of each bunch with seam binding, securing with a bow; leave ends trailing. Prepare predictions about future husbands -- "You will marry the boy next door"; "You will marry your true love" -- for the bouquets. Print the fortunes onto a sheet of fine paper, and cut the paper so that each fortune appears on a single strip; finish the ends in an inverted V. Use a straight pin to affix each fortune to its bouquet.





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