Flowers for your Guests: Flower Boxes

Martha Stewart Weddings, Spring 2002

Boxes topped with flowers make a beautiful centerpiece; a table number is embroidered onto ribbon encircling the largest box. Inside, the stems sit in water bottles stabilized by crumpled paper. Favor boxes, which contain nonpareils, double as place cards.

Tools and Materials
Quilling paper (enough to wrap around lid and overlap slightly)
Small boxes
Double-sided tape
A peony or a few ranunculuses
Utility knife,
Plastic flower tube

Flower Boxes How-To
1. Have a calligrapher inscribe each strip of paper with a guest's name in pink gouache (an opaque ink). Tape paper around edge of box lid.
2. Using a utility knife, cut an opening in the center of the lid.
3. Cut off top of flower tube so it's just shorter than box. Add a bit of water to tube. Insert flowers into tube; insert tube into lid.
4. Fill box with nonpareils (leave room for flower tube); close box.



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