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Lip-Smacking Good Cootie Catcher

Martha Stewart Weddings, Spring 2009

Pucker up! Everyone can have fun at your reception with this kissing game that puts a lively twist on the cootie catchers you played with as a child.

Download the Cootie Catcher Template

Cootie Catcher How-To
1. Download and print the template onto a letter-size sheet of paper and cut out the 8 1/2-inch square.

2. With design facing down, fold in half diagonally, then release the fold. Next, fold in half lengthwise and crease. Rotate square for another lengthwise crease. 

3. With printed side down, fold corners up and inward so that the points meet at the center crease.


4. Flip square over and fold one corner inward so that it touches the center crease. 

5. Fold remaining corners inward so that they meet at the center. 

6. Flip square over so the words face upward. Fold in half, words facing out, to form rectangle. Insert thumbs and index fingers under flaps and lift to open. 

7. Pinch to form peak. To play, pick a word (kiss in four languages), and spell it as you move flaps in and out and side to side in time with the letters. 

8. Then pick a number and move the flaps as you count. Finally, pick a number and open the fortune-teller to reveal whom you should kiss.

Comments (7)

  • Eins2drei 6 Oct, 2013

    This is cute and easy to do. I would like more information on how to make the one featured in the January 2012 article "A Marriage in Pictures." For example how to manipulate the photo and suggestions on what to put in side. What was inside of the one made for the above referenced story? Thanks.

  • Ambs11 7 Apr, 2011

    So cute! If people didn't want to have kiss, you can use Dance with or Take a picture with...

  • akoer5 1 Mar, 2010

    I think is a very cute idea, but i would like to do something other than kissing. any ideas????

  • tgailw 24 Jan, 2010

    I'm going to use photoshop to recreate this template so I can have the 'fancier' font that they pictured before. Also, you can Google the game to find out how to play.

  • pennyleanne 29 Nov, 2009

    how do i put my words on the template to print

  • vanessanron 13 Nov, 2009

    i too love this idea... although small problem...can someone please refresh my memory on how to play the game?

  • amroedl 12 Jun, 2009

    This is so cute. I am going to do it for my wedding but the template prints the instructions with it and if you cut them off the template is the wrong size? Anyone find a way to make this work?