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Paper Fans

Martha Stewart Weddings, March/April Spring 2002

Flutter fans were common giveaways in bygone years. Bring them back with this favor. Choose a template and enlarge 250 percent. Trace and cut as directed. Glue one piece of decorative paper to one side of the pieces of card stock, using craft glue. (Spread the glue thinly with a scrap of card stock.) Once the glue has dried, punch a hole in each piece. Stack the pieces, and slip a paper fastener through to join them.

Paper Fan Templates
Photocopy these templates at 250 percent. For a wedge-shaped fan, trace template A twice onto both card stock and a decorative paper, then trace template B once each onto card stock and decorative paper with a different pattern. For a diamond-shaped fan, trace template C five times onto both card stock and papers. For a heart-shaped fan, trace template D three times onto both card stock and papers.

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