A Smashing Success

Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2007

Instead of wrapping a wineglass in hastily procured cloth, couples in a Jewish celebration might create an elegant no-sew bag to hold the stemware for the glass-breaking ritual. The fabric can be matched to the look of the ceremony, and the bag should keep shards from flying helter-skelter. Choose a heavy material (we used floral brocade). A remnant from the bridesmaids' dresses is also a sweet idea. And the glass? A thin one that the groom can easily crush underfoot gets our stomp, er, stamp of approval.

Tool for the Task
Fusible Web Tape
To join fabric without sewing, slip this tape between the two layers, and iron; the adhesive will melt, fusing the fabric together. Because heat from a dryer can loosen the bond, it's best for items that will be used just once or twice.

What You Need
1 large piece of heavy fabric
Fusible web tape
6-inch-long piece of ribbon
Needle and thread

Bag How-To
Our bag was made for a 2 3/4-by-8-inch glass; adjust measurements if necessary.
1. Cut fabric to 8 by 24 inches; lay flat, wrong side up.
2. Fold each edge over by 1/2 inch for hem, and iron to crease. Unfold the hems, and cut away excess fabric at corners on a 45-degree angle. Refold the hems.
3. Fold one short side over by 2 inches for the flap, and iron to crease; then unfold. Slip fusible web tape inside the hem at end of the flap, and tuck one end of ribbon inside the hem; iron to fuse. Fold other short side over to meet the flap's crease, and iron; then unfold. Cut two 10 1/4-inch pieces of fusible web tape, and place on the hems of long edges, as shown. Refold, and iron to adhere sides of the pouch. Fold the flap over, cut two pieces of 3/4-inch tape, and slip under the sides of the flap; iron to fuse sides of flap to pouch.
4. Sew button 1/2 inch from flap bottom. Place the glass inside, bowl first.
5. To close pouch, wrap ribbon around button.


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