Bouquet Cuffs

Martha Stewart Weddings, March/April Spring 2004

For the best-dressed bouquets, cloak them in a little couture -- wrap the stems with fabric sewn to resemble shirt cuffs. Suitable for a bride or bridesmaids, these playful arrangements will add charm to any wedding.

Cuff How-To
Cut two 5-by-12-inch rectangles from fabric. For each piece, cut off the corners of one end to create a point. With right sides facing, sew pieces together, using a 1/3-inch seam allowance and leaving the straight end open. Turn right side out and iron flat. Sew again, this time using a 1/4-inch seam allowance. Cut a piece of thin cardboard to fit inside cuff, and slide inside. (Since the cuff will overlap when wrapped around the flower stems, there's no need to sew the opening shut.) Sew button near point, just inside the seam. On the day of the wedding, wrap cuff around hand-tied stems; cut off any excess, and secure with a hot-glue gun.


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