Ribbon Favors

Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer/Fall 1997

With little or no sewing, ribbons are transformed into miniature sacks for sugar candies. The green ribbon is tubular; knot one end, fill with candies, and knot again.

Wide ribbon is folded in half, sewn up the sides, and cinched with satin cord.





Tubular ribbon is sewn at bottom and bound at top with satin cord. Cut rough ends into notches, or trim with pinking shears.

Baskets and Trays for Favors
Don't wait until your first anniversary to celebrate with paper; these handmade containers are great for favors. Use a template to make basic shape. Trace it onto white museum board; cut out with a utility knife, and use rotary cutter for wavy edges. Score fold lines with utility knife. For basket, make holes with 1/8-inch hole punch at even intervals along diagonal edges. Fold sides up; lace ribbon through holes as you would lace a shoe, and knot inside. Cut out a handle; punch two holes in each end and at corresponding points on basket. Lace ribbon through from back to attach; tie in a bow. For tray, punch a hole in each corner, and tie with ribbon.



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