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Bridal Emergency Kit

Stash items like these in a makeup bag to help you get through any little mishaps that might befall your bridal party. The selection here is just a suggestion; add other items you think you might need. A few more wedding-day essentials to bring along: a phone list with vendor and bridal-party information, a cellular phone or change for a pay phone, and extra copies of special vows or readings.

Bandages protect blisters and nicks; include a few different sizes, preferably in clear.

Aspirin or a similar pain reliever helps with headaches and other minor maladies.

Chalk, tied for easy packing, hides scuffs and marks on white leather and fabrics.

Moleskin is a fabric that's soothing to squeezed and chafed feet; cut and fit it into shoes.

Nail files or emery boards are indispensable for smoothing rough spots on your nails.

Clear nail polish stops runs in pantyhose and also fixes chips in polish.

Candies or mints in your favorite flavors freshen breath.

Thread in white and the colors of your bridal-party wardrobe fixes pulled seams or small rips.

Buttons should be collected from all the "spares" that came with the bride's and bridesmaids' dresses.

Scissors snip strings, labels, and tags; include cutting ribbon for decorations.

A handkerchief or tissues dab away tears and wipe away smudges.

Toupee tape sounds silly but holds fallen hems and straps that slip; it's strong and safe for skin.

Pins and needles in a range of sizes and styles are helpful for sewing and securing.

Bobby pins, here stowed on a ribbon, neaten hair and help hold the veil in place.

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