Favor-ful Presentations

Martha Stewart Weddings, Special Issue 2009

The secret to memorable favors that don't break the bank? Buy them in bulk, then repackage them beautifully. Bars of chocolate, for instance, can be transformed into rows of art simply by encasing them in modern, graphic papers. Here are five more ways to make your gifts amazing on the inside and the outside, and where to find them online. 


Roll it up, pack it up, and you've got something beautiful to tie up taper candles or stationery with. mjtrim.com


Collapsed, they're ready for your suitcase. Expanded, they're ready to be filled with treats. sophiesfavors.com 


An easy way to personalize favors. Label them with your names or theirs -- or write a sweet note. paperpresentation.com 


Bring along some pretty paper, and you'll have your favors -- and myriad other details -- covered. snowandgraham.com


Stuff glassine or paper bags with scoops of tiny morsels like nougats or lemon drops for a perfect to-go gift. nashvillewraps.com



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