One Bag, Four Ways

Martha Stewart Weddings, Special Issue 2009

Turn plain paper sacks into pretty little bags and fill to the brim with regional treats.

Label It 
All kinds of interesting sticker labels are available nowadays. Find a style you like, hand write the contents (Mom's famous lemon muffins!), and adhere sticker to the front of the bag. 

Knot It 
If you think a gift just isn't a gift without a bow, this idea's for you. We filled a bag with dried fruit and nuts, folded it over to form a little flap, and punched a pair of holes in the middle of the flap to tie a bow through. 

Handle It 
Transform a brown bag into a cute basket with a nifty handle, and fill with fruit for a fresh-from-the-market feel. To make ours, trim the top with scallop scissors. Fashion a handle from the discarded paper and glue the ends inside the bag. 

Color It 
Use patterned paper (wrapping paper is a great option) to upgrade a brown bag. First, fill the bag with a treat that's location-specific (e.g., walnuts for a wedding in the country). Then fold the top over and glue the decorative paper over the flap.


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