6 Fast Fixes for Your Destination Wedding

Martha Stewart Weddings, Special Issue 2009

Household items that can solve last-minute wedding snags. 

1. Reattach rhinestones and beads that may have fallen off your dress with clear nail polish. It can also stop stocking runs in their tracks. 

2. To keep hosiery from sticking to your dress, rub a damp used dryer sheet over them. Toss one in your luggage, just in case (it'll freshen your clothes). If you don't have one, run a wire hanger or a metal spoon over or under your dress. 

3. Zipper stuck? Lip balm or hand soap can loosen it. 

4. Give your diamond a real cleaning and shining using vodka (yes, vodka!) and a toothbrush. 

5. Baby powder is great for treating wedding-dress stains. Sprinkle on to absorb oil from spots, then brush off with a white cloth. It's also useful for hiding the residue of wine and makeup stains after you've used stain-removal wipes. 

6. Use the inside of a banana peel to erase scuffs from your guy's leather shoes. Then buff them to a shine with a paper towel. 


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