Landscaping a Wedding

Martha Stewart Living Television

Barry Levinson, director of such movies as "Diner," "Rain Man," and "Sleepers," had planned a three-year landscaping project for his new home in Redding, Connecticut. His daughter, however, forced him to speed the process when she announced her engagement and said she wanted the home to serve as the site of her wedding, which was to be held a scant six months away.

Barry and his wife, Diana, consulted Martha, a nearby neighbor, who recommended landscaper Memrie Lewis. Memrie concentrated on the area near the pool and perennial garden, where the ceremony would be held. She placed evergreens by the front door of the house, moved an urn by the garden to a terrace, where it would eventually serve as a place-card holder, and planted a selection of blue, lavender, gray, and white flowers around the pool. Next, Memrie placed shrubs such as spiria, mock orange, and rosa regosa in the middle of the perennial garden to give the area a greater sense of structure and added definition to the whole with the careful planting of cat mint, irises, and daylilies around the borders.

For the rest of the grounds, Memrie juxtaposed pachysandra, crabapples, and other shrubs with trees such as paper birches and Carolina hemlock to create a contrast in high and low, and thick and thin -- a design element that she finds especially pleasing to the eye.


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