Destination Wedding Basics

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Traditionally, a wedding is held close to home or somewhere that's convenient for as many guests as possible. But one increasingly popular option is hosting weddings in exotic locations, which add even more excitement to the special day. Of course, you'll need to give your guests as much advance warning as possible so all the travel arrangements can be made ahead of time. Download the template below to create "Save the Date" cards for this purpose. This template can printed onto magnetic paper so that the reminder can be placed on a refrigerator or other metal surface.

Once your guests have arrived, you can welcome them by providing gift bags filled with items appropriate to the locale. For example, if your destination wedding is to be held in Puerto Rico, offer your guests sunscreen, a phrase book, local maps and guides, a beach ball, disposable camera, and, of course, an itinerary of wedding events. You might also stock the hotel room with a mini bar that includes water, fruit juice, Puerto Rican rum (see our Rum Lime Cooler recipe), fruit, and other snacks. Pack your mini bar into boxes that are easy to carry.

Save the Date template


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