Calligraphy and Cakes: With a Flourish

Martha Stewart Weddings, Fall 2007

The intricate scrolls on this cake by contributing editor Wendy Kromer recall those used in calligraphic ornaments. Adapted from clip-art books, they, along with the monograms on the middle tier, were traced in royal icing and attached with more icing. Ribbon-candy favors echo the motifs' loops and curls. At top, a vintage ceramic bride and groom hold a card-stock banner. Banner and monogram calligraphy by Gail Brill.

Icing Appliques How-To
You can use these decorations on any flat-sided cake.

1. Print out our designs or ask your calligrapher to draw some for you.

Bottom Tier Template
Bottom Tier Pieces Template
Fourth Tier Template
Third Tier Template
Second Tier Template
First Tier Template
Riser Template

2. Place templates on a baking sheet; cover with waxed paper, and tape to secure.

3. Fill pastry bag fitted with a plain round tip (such as PME #1.5) with royal icing. Carefully trace designs. Let stand several hours, until hardened.

4. To remove, slide end of waxed paper off edge of work surface, peeling paper away from the bottom and gently guiding decoration into your hand.

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