Father of the Bride

Before the Wedding
As host of the festivities, he is traditionally responsible for most of the costs. Today, however, many couples (and sometimes even the groom's family) pitch in for some, if not all, of the expenses. The bride's father may also offer up his expertise if there is an area that he has particular interest or knowledge in, such as music or food.

On the Wedding Day
The father of the bride has one of the most sentimental roles at the ceremony: He makes an entrance with the bride, accompanying her down the aisle at her right side. After he "gives her away," he lifts her veil and kisses her, signifying his blessing, then takes his seat beside the bride's mother.
At the reception, he can stand in the receiving line next to the bride's mother, though it's not expected. And he gives a toast after the best man, groom, and bride (if she makes one). He and his daughter also share a special dance, after the bride and groom's, to a thoughtfully chosen song. "My father and I danced to 'Angel of the Morning' by Merrilee Rush,"says Merilee Buckley of her July 2005 marriage to Steven."When I was born, my parents heard this song, loved it, and loved the artist's name even more. I surprised my dad with it. I think we cried through the whole dance." At the end of the event, the bride's father sees all the guests off and, if he's paying, makes sure the professionals receive final checks and tips.

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