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Fun Activities for Bridal Showers

Martha Stewart Weddings, Volume 30 2004

Socializing and opening presents are at the center of showers, and when games and activities are planned with care and attention, guests will have a genuinely enjoyable time. The best activities are ones that the guest of honor will appreciate: maybe a funny multiple-choice quiz about her childhood, or a creative project made by all the guests. If the bride likes ballroom dancing, have an instructor teach a step or two. If you've chosen a theme, say a kitchen shower, consider hiring someone to teach a short cooking class. Don't forget to award prizes to the winners; gift certificates, fancy chocolates, or scented candles would all do nicely.

Keep in mind, an icebreaker works best when guests are arriving, whereas more time-consuming activities, such as a wine tasting, might be best after everyone has eaten. The ideas that follow can easily be modified if the shower is coed. They're certain to spark enough fun and laughter to last all day -- and memories to last far longer than that.

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