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Flower Girl Wreath

Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2009

Flower girl Logan Normandin wears a crown of vintage silk flowers handmade by her aunt, the bride.

Tools and Materials
Fabric flowers with short wire stems
Green floral tape

Flower Girl Wreath How-To
Lay out the flowers to create a wreath shape about 7 inches in circumference (about 20 inches in length; measure your flower girl's head if at all possible). Twist the wire stems around one another to secure, bending as you go to create a round shape. When you have about 20 inches in length, wire one end to the other to create a ring. Wrap the wires in the floral tape to create a uniform color, smooth out any lumps, and cover any sharp wire ends.

There are lots of sources for fabric and paper flowers with wire stems. Laura used flowers from D. Blumchen & Company. You can also make your own paper or fabric flowers.

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