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Flower Girl Pinafore

When choosing which table linen to use, take your flower girl's height into account. A taller child will require a table runner; a shorter one may only need a place mat. Semitransparent fabric such as this linen allows petals to show through. Wide ribbon that complements your decor looks prettiest.


Flower Girl Pinafore How-To
1. Fold the linen in half end to end. Cut a ribbon long enough to encircle the waist and tie in the back; slip it into the fold. Tack the ribbon to both ends with a needle and thread.

2. Fold the front piece of the linen up so that the end meets the fold with the ribbon in it (effectively halving the top layer, making a pocket). Sew the pocket in place along both sides with a needle and thread.

3. Fill the pocket to the brim with colorful petals before tying the apron around your flower girl's waist.

Elegant Dutch-tulip table runner by Wimpole Street Creations. Dress, Crewcuts by J.Crew

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