Hiring a Financial Planner: How Can a Financial Planner Help Us?

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How Can a Financial Planner Help Us?
Even before you walk down the aisle, a financial planner can help facilitate a conversation every couple should have early on about how you each manage money as single people and how you plan to do so together once you're married. Says Stewart Welch III, a certified financial planner in Birmingham, Alabama, "It's critical that you get on the same page with respect to your money values."

Once you've identified your common objectives, your planner will devise a strategy for achieving them. If you're like most couples, you don't only want to buy a home or pay off debt or plan for retirement, you want to work toward all of your goals at the same time. A planner can offer specific advice for making a budget, buying insurance, and choosing investments, so you're able to juggle multiple objectives. Depending on her expertise, she may also help carry them out for you or coach you on how to follow through yourself.

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