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Hiring A Wedding Coordinator: Last-Minute Details

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Wedding coordinators can be lifesavers when time is short, but that doesn't mean you should postpone getting started if you can help it. Most coordinators say you should plan a wedding at least six months in advance -- a year is better. It is important for you to use the time wisely. To make your interviews with potential coordinators the most efficient, bring along clippings from magazines showing food, decorations, and settings that appeal to you, as well as photographs of any weddings that you enjoyed and might like to duplicate. During the initial consultation, try to determine whether this is a person you can trust and with whom you will feel comfortable working.

If you know you'll need someone to hold your hand through every step of the planning process, this is the time to ask whether the coordinator already has several other events to organize for the same month as your wedding. If she is not available, it won't matter that she's the best in town. Then determine how many meetings you actually need, whether it be one a month or one a week. Many couples appreciate the comfort of having a wedding coordinator on hand the day of the ceremony to ensure that all goes according to schedule.

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