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No-Sew Drawstring Purse

Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2010

This sweet drawstring purse makes a great bridesmaid gift; it's also the perfect size for bridal essentials -- tissues, lipstick, vows.

  1. Cut fabric (we used Ultrasuede) into an 18-by-13 1/2-inch rectangle.
  2. Print the template, and cut to size. Place the clipped corner (like a V-shape) on one corner of the fabric; make holes with a 1/8-inch punch where marked, and trim corner according to template. Repeat at each corner of the fabric.
  3. Lay fabric facedown, with one long side facing you. Fold bottom two corners of fabric in toward center, making sure the holes of the adjacent sides line up (As with As, Bs with Bs, etc.).
  4. Cut a 19-inch-long silk cord, and knot one end. Starting at the fifth hole from the left corner, thread from the underside up through all layers. Continue threading cord through holes until you get to the fifth hole from the right corner (at one point, you'll be threading through three layers of fabric). Knot the end.
  5. Cut another 19-inch-long silk cord, and repeat the process with the other side. Pull up centers of cords to cinch bag and make handles.

Ultrasuede, Mood Fabrics; Cord, Mokuba New York, 212-869-8900; Dress, Jenny Yoo; Moonstone cuff, Pade Vavra.


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