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Yellow and White: Favors Inside and Out

Martha Stewart Weddings, Spring 2006

These pretty packages are true to the color scheme through and through. Boxes and bags decorated with cheery fabric, paper, or ribbon open up to reveal candies and cookies in coordinating hues. The favors are quick and easy to assemble -- even if you have hundreds of guests -- yet each is so special, it will feel as if it's one of a kind.

1. Japanese jelly candies rest inside nesting boxes; the lid is topped with a patterned sticker and tied on with cotton ribbon.

2. Place jelly beans in a yellow box dressed in fabric. Fold cotton fabric in thirds, making a 1-inch-wide strip. Set box on strip and bring ends together above lid. Wrap a clear hair elastic around ends, then pull ends like a bow tie; trim with pinking shears.

3. A ribbon handle turns a clear round box into a powder-puff-style package; ours holds almond-flavored confections.

4. Transform a plain box with ribbon; an inexpensive sticker machine makes wrapping quick work Line with glassine, and fill with jelly fruit.

5. Simple folds, held in place with a silk bow, unfurl to offer white-chocolate candies embossed with yellow blooms.

6. Stitching seals lemon candies inside glassine pouches stamped with subtle lemon-slice designs.

7. Set pre-wrapped candy sticks inside box halves, and cover with a pretty sleeve (fold paper around open box, and tape at the bottom). Stamp date on a card-stock tag; tie on with embroidery thread.


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