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Yellow and White: Favor How-tos

Martha Stewart Weddings, Spring 2006

Lining a Round Box
For the third favor, start with a round acetate box.

1. Working on a cutting mat, use a circle cutter (available at crafts stores) to make a 3 1/2-inch circle from yellow, white, and patterned card stock. Trim edge of white circle with scalloping shears.

2. Mark center of yellow circle. Set white circle inside box lid; add yellow circle. Using a Japanese hole punch (available at crafts stores), poke hole at center through all layers. Cut a 5-inch long piece of narrow ribbon; fold in half and push loop up through hole in box lid. Knot ribbon above and below lid.

Stamping Glassine Bags
For each pouch (favor #6), you'll need two glassine envelopes the same size. Stamp one with your design in white ink; stamp the other in yellow. Slip envelope with yellow designs inside the other one. Cut away flaps, and fill envelopes with candies. Stamp initials in white ink on thin yellow paper. Lay on top of pouch and stitch closed on a sewing machine using yellow thread.

Making Ribbon Stickers
Decorating these boxes (favor #4) is easy when you run ribbon (cut to size first) through a sticker machine (available at crafts stores). Peel off paper backing and press sticky side of ribbon to box: Start inside, go up onto lid then make 1-inch tab by folding ribbon onto itself; continue down lid and around outside of box.

Folding an Origami Box
For favor #5, you will need card stock and glassine, both cut to 6 inches square. Fold each the same way.

1. Fold in all four corners to meet in the middle; run a butter knife or bone folder along folds to make sharp creases.

2. Fold in corners again and crease. Unfold card stock and glassine. Place chocolates in center of glassine, and refold completely. Set glassine packet in center of card stock, and refold card stock. Tie ribbon around "box" to close.

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