Wedding Favor Ideas

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Your wedding is something you'll certainly always remember, and it can be just as unforgettable for your guests. Perhaps a song played during the reception will trigger a memory, or the mention of the area where the wedding was held. But the small keepsakes a bride and groom give the guests to commemorate the occasion can prove to be among the most long-lasting -- and treasured -- ways to spark a memory of the special day. Deputy weddings editor Rebecca Thuss has many ideas for wedding favors, each of which is inexpensive and appeals to one of the five senses: sound, taste, smell, touch, and sight.

Consider making a present of a small wind chime, a compact disc of music you've selected, a shell that the recipient can place against their ear to hear the "sea" roar, or something especially lighthearted like a kazoo wrapped in patterned paper. Although food might not last as long as other favors, there are an assortment of boxes available that turn chocolate or lemon drops into memorable treats; you can also use decorative paper to enclose miniature candy apples or create a cone filled with cashews. Or you might consider purchasing a small jar of honey and attaching a small toy bee with a strand of wire wrapped around the jar's neck.

Another idea is to give scented gifts, such as cedar sachets wrapped in cedar-veneer paper, small arrangements of fragrant flowers placed in a sake cup (remember to place a small piece of oasis into the cup first), fabric rose petals lightly spritzed with perfume and nestled in a pyramid box, a small bundle of cinnamon sticks, or a miniature scented candle placed in an attractive box. A few ideas for things that are pleasant to the touch include a lamb's ear plant, a felt bag, or a small flax or lavender-filled eye pillow. Finally, an eye-catching selection of gifts could include a customized jigsaw puzzle made from a rubber stamp, flip books, tops, miniature kaleidoscopes, and sparklers.


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