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Ribbon Flowers: Loop Flower How-To

Martha Stewart Weddings, Spring 2005

We made flowers using woven ribbons with similar floral patterns for a cohesive look. Using all striped or all polka-dot patterns would have a playful feel, while solid-color grosgrain ribbons could be chic. Use a ribbon that keeps its shape; heavy double face satin or stiff silk will also work. For the centers, use fabric-covered buttons; buy them already covered or use a kit to cover your own.

Tools and Materials
7/8-inch heavy ribbon
Needle and thread
Covered buttons
Safety pins

Loop Flower How-To
1. Precut four equal lengths of ribbon (we used 13-inch strips for large flowers and 6-inch pieces for small ones).

2. Lay two pieces right side up, overlapping them at their midpoints to form a cross.

3. Lay the remaining ribbons as shown. Insert threaded needle down through center and pull through to the knot on the end of the thread.

4. Flip ribbons over. Fold end of one ribbon in toward center to form a loop; sew it in place. Repeat to form remaining petals.

5. Make several additional stitches through the center of the ribbon flower to secure.

6. Sew a covered button onto the front.

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