Eco-Friendly Tips: Wedding Basics

1. Check National Green Pages for the most current list of recycled paper products.

2. Simplify.

3. Make decisions that reflect your values.

4. Keep the ceremony and reception size small (more intimate and relaxed, and it certainly saves on resources).

5. Be an individual; opt out of what you "have to do."

6. Prioritize.

7. Reuse; avoid disposable or one-use items (e.g. disposable cameras).

8. Borrow or rent before purchasing, and try to use good-quality items, as they last longer.

9. Recycle (paper, plastics, etc.) or use materials made of recycled materials.

10. Use a more benign manufacturing process.

11. Use companies that donate a portion of their profits to good causes.

12. Consider table decor that is not so wedding specific that it can't be reused or given away.

13. Use nontoxic cleaning materials.

Eco-Friendly Tips


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