The Wonder of White: Raw Bar

Martha Stewart Weddings, Winter 2007

Sculpted in ice by Shintaro Okamoto of Okamoto Studio in New York City, a whimsical appetizer bar is the heart of this frosty landscape. Set into hand-carved depressions, tumblers of clear spirits make jewel-like aperitifs. Individual servings of seafood are presented in stainless-steel saucers. Clams and oysters on the half shell perch on a bed of chipped ice in carved-ice trays, with accompaniments -- two tangy gelees -- in gleaming silver bowls.

Littleneck clams and Wellfleet and Kumamoto oysters can be savored unadorned or embellished with a gelee based on a classic mignonette sauce with red-wine vinegar, shallots, lemon juice, and pepper; a savory lemon gelee with white wine is an alternative.

Rock shrimp ceviche with pickled red onion, grapefruit, and sea salt is one of the plated seafood offerings.

Crab and celery root with pink peppercorns is the other.

Refreshments include vodka infused with either red currants or lemon verbena.


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