Honeymoon To-Do List

Martha Stewart Weddings, Spring 2006

Decide who should handle the travel details; often, it's the person who is handling fewer of the wedding-related tasks.

Book early to avoid disappointment. Reserve at least six months ahead for the most popular destinations -- Hawaii, Bermuda -- as well as for cruises.

Purchase plane tickets using the name on your passport or driver's license so you won't have a problem with airport security.

Pack a battery charger (and adapter, if needed) for your digital camera, and make sure the memory card is adequate. If it's new, practice taking pictures before you depart.

Take a journal with you to write down your adventures each day.

Bring preprinted labels for postcards, and send some cards to yourselves -- they're fun to receive when you're home.

Get a cell phone that works from the country you're visiting (it's likely yours won't; even if it does, you may spend up to $5 per minute for calls). Vendors sell phones at the arrival areas of most international airports. Or you may wish to rent a phone online before leaving home; two reputable rental companies are www.intouchglobal.com and www.roadpost.com.

Leave a "travel packet" with a relative. It should include your itinerary and contact information in case of an emergency back home, as well as copies of your passport photo pages (if you are traveling overseas) and a list of credit-card numbers to expedite their replacement if lost.


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