Guest Directory How-To

Martha Stewart Weddings, Special Issue 2009

Ask hotel staffers to have your guests add their room numbers to our "Looking for Someone" phone list at check-in. The directory will be kept at the front desk throughout the weekend, and your guests will be able to access it when they need to track someone down.

Download the appropriate PDF:

City Looking for Someone
Country Looking for Someone
Sea Looking for Someone

Use your guest list, with RSVPs, to fill in the editable fields (simply click on our sample names, and then type to replace them). 

If you know the rooms that people will be staying in, you can fill them in on the computer as well. If this information isn't available, then delete the place-holder room numbers.

Print onto white paper, and cut in half with a paper trimmer.

Leave a copy with the hotel's front desk for people to fill in when they check in; ask the hotel staff to keep it on hand for your guests to check. You can also give copies to your parents, the honor attendants, your planner, and a few others.


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