Roses Three Ways

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There are so many variables to consider when making wedding plans: Should the ceremony take place outside, at the beach, or under a tent? Will it be a casual event or something more formal? But no matter what you decide, there's one constant and versatile flower that fits into any sort of wedding: the rose. According to Lesly Zamor, of New York City's Bloom Flowers, there are several ways to arrange roses to suit your wedding's mood and decor. Here are three of her striking centerpieces, each ideally suited to a specific kind of event.

Rose Centerpiece No. 1
Tools and Materials
13-by-8-inch wooden crate
Bowl, for the roses
Stain, such as Stain-Min
Sheet moss
Apples or pears
Wooden skewers

Rose Centerpiece No. 1 How-To
1. If the wooden crate is a light color, stain the outside, and allow to dry. Place the sheet moss into the crate, and press so that the moss peeks out between the wooden slats on the inside of the crate.

2. Score the Oasis, cut to size of crate, and soak in water for 1 to 2 minutes. Line the inside of the crate with cellophane, and tuck the Oasis inside. Trim off any visible cellophane with scissors. Begin placing the roses into the Oasis, adding to each of the four sides equally (because this is a rustic arrangement, you needn't worry about achieving perfect symmetry). Add viburnum throughout.

3. Use the skewers to stake the fruit into the Oasis.

Rose Centerpiece No. 2
Tools and Materials
Silver foot bowl
Hypericum berries

Rose Centerpiece No. 2 How-To
Cut a piece of Oasis to size, and soak thoroughly, for 1 to 2 minutes. Place inside the bowl. Place a flower on each side of the arrangement to establish width, then a flower on top to establish height. Fill the arrangement while rotating to create symmetry. Continue until the lower flowers meet the top flowers in a dome shape. Insert tulips in various places, and fill in around them with roses. Add hypericum berries as an accent.

Rose Centerpiece No. 3
Tools and Materials
2-by-12-inch container
Roses, about 40
Galax leaf
Two ribbons of different colors, one wide (about 2 inches) and one narrow
Double-stick tape

Rose Centerpiece No. 3 How-To
1. Score the Oasis, cut to the shape of the container, and soak in water for 1 to 2 minutes.

2. Cut off all but 4 inches of the rose stems with clippers, angling the cut. Wedge the galax leaf between the Oasis and the lip of the container so that half the leaf is showing. Begin adding roses to arrangement, starting at the outer edge and working in. When working at the outer edge, poke the stem of the roses through the galax leaves to hold them in place. This will also create a border effect. Fill in the arrangement until complete.

3. Precut the wide ribbon to the circumference of the container, leaving a 2-inch overlap. Adhere double-stick tape to the outside of the container where the ribbon will go. Affix the wide ribbon to the tape. Criss-cross the thin-ribbon around the container. Tie off with a knot.


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