Lace Corsage Clip Art

We printed clip art onto heat-transfer paper and ironed the designs on-to fabric for this sewing project.

1. Print corsage design on iron-on heat-transfer paper. Following the manufacturer's instructions, iron design onto silk organdy.

2. Cut out each clip-art flower with scissors. From one side, cut away a V shape that reaches to the center of the flower.

3. Trim approximately 6 millinery stamens so they are 1" in length. Slide stamens into center of flower. Fold stamens into an L shape, and glue cut ends to back of flower.


4. Pull the corners of the V together, slightly overlapping; the fabric will form a cup shape. Use fabric glue to glue shut.

5. Print corsage petal template onto paper and cut out. Fold a square piece of organdy in half diagonally and then into thirds. Lay template on top of organdy. Lightly trace with a pencil. Repeat until you have 8 flowers for each corsage, and cut them out with scissors. Roll flower petal with your fingers to make edges curl.

6. For each corsage, stack 8 flowers and sew together at center. Attach two strips of 28"-long ribbon to flowers at the center. Glue clip art flower to top of flower stack using a dab of fabric glue.


7. Tie corsage to wrist.

Get the Lace Corsage Clip Art

We used:
-Swiss cotton organdy in ivory (45" wide), B&J Fabrics, 212-354-8150.
-Pale-gold and taupe 9mm silk double-face satin ribbon (#02309), M&J Trimming.
-White millinery stamens (FL422, 288 heads per bunch), Tinsel Trading.

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