Wedding Photography 101

Martha Stewart Living Television

To help determine what you want aesthetically, look at the complete sample album, not just the highlights. Do you prefer candids to staged shots? Does soft-focus photography leave you cold? Be sure that you make your preferences clear, in writing, for this most special of occasions. The photographer will be close by your side throughout the wedding, so comfort and rapport are also of utmost importance. Once you've selected someone with whom you are comfortable, provide him or her with a list of just three people, in addition to you and your betrothed, to focus on. Flexibility, not a rote checklist, allows a good photographer to capture the spirit of a wedding.

Editing should be the easy part -- just pick the most beautiful pictures. Focus on creating an album that's entertaining on its own merits, not a rigorous documentation of the proceedings. Many couples are leaning toward smaller albums that are easy to browse through, which are more likely to be kept close at hand. Placing one or two images on each page reduces clutter; resist the urge to overstuff, as doing so diminishes the effect of the best images.



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