Photo Album How-To

Martha Stewart Living, September 2006

For each album, you'll need an accordion album kit (available in black or ivory from, which contains two cover pieces and a paper accordion; book cloth (available in dozens of colors from; tack paper (such as StudioTac, a double-sided archival adhesive paper, available from; and adhesive photo corners (available from

To Finish Covers
Measure one cover piece. Cut book cloth 3/4 inch larger on all sides. Cut a second piece of book cloth and two pieces of tack paper to the same dimensions. Place one piece of book cloth face down. Remove backing from one side of tack paper. Affix tack paper to book cloth, smoothing with a bone folder as you work. Remove backing from second side of tack paper. Center one cover piece over tack paper, and adhere, smoothing with a bone folder. Cut corners of cloth, as pictured, on the diagonal, stopping 1/8 inch from each of the cover's corners. Fold top and bottom edges over cover, as pictured. Fold each corner with bone folder. Fold side edges in. Smooth with a bone folder. Repeat with second cover piece.

To Attach Accordion Pages
Cut two pieces of tack paper to the same dimensions as the accordion. Adhere one end of accordion to one cover piece using tack paper; smooth with a bone folder as you work. Repeat with remaining end of accordion and remaining cover piece.

To Affix Photos
Place adhesive photo corners on a photo. Position photo on page. Firmly press corners in place.


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