Spring Flower Bouquet

The Martha Stewart Show

Tools and Materials
Spring flowers, assorted
Large knife or clippers
Clear elastic
Satin ribbon

Spring Flower Bouquet How-To
1. Hold a flower with a strong stem or a group of strong flowers in your fist.
2. With the other hand, add flowers at a 45-degree angle.
3. When your bouquet begins to feel heavy on one side, rotate it and add flowers to the other side.
4. To cut stems, rest them on the edge of the counter and cut with a large knife or clippers. Make a blunt cut on the ribbon; take the edge, create a cuff, and stick a pin in it.

Bouquet Considerations
Depending on the length of your ceremony, you may be holding the bouquet a pretty long time, so make your bouquet strong enough so it won't wilt or collapse. Use stronger-stemmed flowers for unwired bouquets. For a Saturday wedding, buy flowers on Wednesday to allow them to look their best. Most modern brides want their stems wrapped, so dresses and hands won't get dirty. You can get more beautiful bouquet tips from Martha Stewart Weddings.


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