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Shell Bouquet How-To

Order shells online or buy them at a crafts store; select small, petal-like versions in a color that goes with your palette, plus a small, budlike whelk shell to use in the center.

Tools and Materials
7-inch length of floral wire
Floral tape
Hot-glue gun
Hot-glue sticks


Shell Bouquet How-To
1. Wrap a 7-inch length of floral wire with floral tape; form one end of each into a loop or a small spiral. Use a hot-glue gun to attach the loops to the backs of the shells.

2. Assemble the shells into a bouquet, placing the small round shell in the center and arranging the petal-like ones around it, starting with the smallest shells. Use floral tape to secure each stem as you add it, and bend the wire stems to make the shells flare away from the center.

3.Once finished, tie a pretty ribbon around the stems and you've got a beach-ready bouquet.

For the petals, we used 24 noble pectin singles from Caribbean Imports.

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