Dressing the Bouquet: Classic

Martha Stewart Weddings, Fall 1999

A tight dome of roses is made even more beautiful when finished with an opulent satin ribbon and bow. A few more buds are sewn in the trailing ribbon ends.

Classic Ribbon and Bow How-To
To strengthen rose stems and support heavy blooms, wire with 24-gauge wire; wrap with floral tape.

1. Taper stem cluster by trimming stems on angles at varying lengths; tape together.

2. Place stems on length of ribbon -- 2 yards of 3-inch-wide satin ribbon for a 5-inch handle -- a few inches left of center. Wrap long end of ribbon around stem, spiraling downward; short end will tie into the bow.

3. At bottom, last spiral will overhang stems. Fold overhang up, covering stem ends; wrap ribbon back to top of stems. At top, tie ends in a bow; cut long ends on a diagonal.

4. Wire and tape buds; pinch trailing ribbon around one stem. Stitch bud in place; repeat.

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